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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  July 9, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thi >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera and the nation is angry. okay. she beat the bet death penalty. >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> geraldo: even life in prison was too harsh. >> verdict as to count two, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> geraldo: but how could the foremanslaughter.auterbacher. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> keep her in jail. keep her in jail. >> geraldo: so obviously guilt. >> i found my daughter's car today and it smells like there was a dead body in the damn car. >> behavior is appalling.
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but it doesn't show there was a murder convicted. >> the most uno unpopular verdt since o.j. simpson. many worry casey will go from death row to easy street. >> to me, they are dancing on her grave. it is blood money. they want hundreds of thousands of dollars for an interview. they are going to disney world with their nieces and nephews and casey will never get to do that. >> today, our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> geraldo: rage at the defense lawyers. >> they should be the next with her. >> and rage especially at the jury. >> the blood stain has extended from casey to the 12 jurors and now the blood stain is on their hands and they will have to live with it the rest of their lives. >> geraldo: casey scheduled to be released a week from tomorrow. >> i can't begin to describe what she has gone through over
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the last three years. >> geraldo: will anger turn violent? >> i wowd pt want anybody to be so upset by this that they would try to do something to her. that is not what the system is about. >> geraldo: exclusive inside information. where casey anthony goes from here. up front tonight, they won the big one. >> geraldo: is defense council working really as legal aid attorneys for very little money pulled off the judicial coup of the 21st century. won an acquittal of casey anthony. you now have a situation where the biggest question among people that you know and in this community and across the country and the world is is casey anthony didn't kill this child horks did kil, who did k? >> i think it came out in the trial this was a horrible tragedy and accident that snowballed out of control. and it doesn't get any more
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clearer than that. the jury saw that and they are the ones that heard all of the evidence. not the propaganda and speculation and the franken stein like lynch mob that ensued throughout the last three years. but they heard the evidence, what our system is based on and, you know, this is a tragedy and nothing more. it is what it is. and, you know, we are happy for casey and we are happy that caylee's memory did not get diminished into this it circus. caylee's memberly came out and rose above the circus. and that is whattism' most touched with right now. >> geraldo: i want to ask cheney mason, this veteran litigator here. it was a shocking verdict, let's face it. i think even you fellows were
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surprised. what do you think your most powerful presentation was? was it no dna? no fingerprints? was it no cause of death? >> i don't think the science necessarily was the biggest problem. they never had the evidence to prove her guilty of killing this child by whatever descrieption. it should never have been charged as a death penalty case. they waived it and then rein stated it to try to get an advantage. the fact of the matter is it was never there. the news media as you talked about, they hung her here daily for two and a half years. every channel, every outlet in this community and throughout the state and i suspect around the country was convinced she is guilty, let's just all rah-rah. the biggest concern i have is the unprofessional contributions from lawyers supposed to be members of the bar talking about her guilt and
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condemning her without a trial. even the attorney general of the state of florida did so on nationwide t.v. shame on her. and the local people, too. i'm not going to let it rest. too much unprofessionalism to allow it to go away. she did not kill her daughter and i was convinced of that from the beginning when i was asked to join this team. and there it is. >> geraldo: jose, talking about you particularly we speak about your client and the bum rap she good. you also have endured the slings and arrows of the legal community here. cheney mentions it. the fact of the matter is you pillaried froma larentaye one side of the courtroom to the other and they have attacked you and questioned your competence. i want to know how you in your
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heart of hearts feel now. >> i think the competence arguments have fallen. so i'm a defense lawyer, geraldo. and it is my honor to have and be a part of such a profession. and while some may mass carries raid as defense lawyers -- mass masquerade as defense lawyers there are a unique group in this country that protect individual rights day in and day out in every courtroom across our great country and it is my honor and i cannot tell you enough how much i truly believe in that and how much i salute all of those brothers and sisters in arms that really fight every day against and to protect our -- against the system and to protect our individual rights. and that is how i feel. i'm, you know, i'm happy for them. and i hope i have done them proud.
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that was all my goal. what they want to say about me, well, you know, you know, they can say what they want. >> geraldo: i think you showed superb character. now, your client. what did you say to your client when the verdict was clear? >> that is protected by the attorney ln-client privilege which she did not waive. you are saying i did not expect this. i didn't say that at all. we always felt very strongly about our case and we always felt that this case was built on -- it was built on nothing. and the jury saw through all of the fantasy of forensics and they saw through a lot of the lies that were presented before them. >> there are two people initially who thought te definitely first-degree but at the same time they did admit they felt it and they just felt
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like it wasn't sub stan 145eu9ed. they admitted there is not enough evidence to prove that even though i strongly believe it. >> i have to salute this jury and i hope to one day have the opportunity to speak with them both individually and hopefully collectively and learn from them and thank them for being courageous and standing up for our constitution and standing up for our predo freedom and te people who don't -- those people who don't realize the significance of what they -- of what they did and the bravery and the sacrifices that they made, no one has the -- no one has the in any way the place to say one single word about this jury. and if they do, i'm coming after them. >> geraldo: cheney may son, jose baez, from two lawyers who have litigated their tails off
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in a successful way, however, unpopular it may be to most of the people watching right now. as a lawyer to lawyers i con congratulate you on really a brilliant outcome. >> geraldo: we are live. the first program since the stunning acquittal of casey anthony. skwrao guilfoyle, former prosecutor. did the jury get it right? >> i don't think the jury got it right. i think from the outset that the prosecutor shouldn't have charged it as a death penalty case. i think psychologically that that is too much of a burden for the jury to evercome thinking mentally that they have ultimately that charge, ultimately that penalty to deal with. however, i think if the jury actually believed in any way, shape or form there was some form of negligent homicide that she was not intending to kill her childed but gave her chloroform or xanax, anything like that and the child died that counts as aggravated child abuse and therefore qualifies
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as the felony murder by way of aggravated child abuse and it is still first-degree. >> geraldo: we will get there no matter what. charge simple manslaughter. go for 15 years. instead of aggravated manslaughter which required aggravated child abuse which they had no evidence of. and o'reilly and i will fight until the end of time on whether or not she was a negligent or abusive mother. the fact of the matter is they could have gone aggravated manslaughter and 15 years in the pokey and that was the end of that. >> a video of her playing with the child does not convince me, demonstrate to me that she in fact was not a good mother. wait, the 3 disai 31 days whens missing. >> geraldo: the child is dead then. >> she is deceased and this girl is out partying and carrying the body of her child around. >> geraldo: scritschizophrenic,
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manic depressive, everything else. >> why with you put your child in a garbage bag and stick her in a trunk? >> geraldo: can i ask you a legal question rather than an emotional question because you are giving me the same reaction in the country. >> i'm giving you the facts that are undisputed. >> geraldo: did one witness testify this was an abusive or negligent mother snrk? one witness? >> doesn't matter. no, not that testified to that. you don't have to be. to you to say this person is only a murderer because someone is going to come forward and say they committed a murder before. >> geraldo: that is my point. ladies and gentlemen, you can hate me for this. you can hate me for this but i'm tell yowging you, you need evidence to convict somebody of the crimes. emotion doesn't work. what someone does to a dead body doesn't prove what they did to the child when she was
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alive. every piece of evidence suggests it is a loving caring nurturing child. you know what aggravated child abuse is? the cigarette burns and serial raping and chaining to the cold water bath tub. the slapping around. the letting stepbrother and the boyfriend go at them. >> it is chloroforming your child. >> which was never proven. >> maybe to you it wasn't. but believe me this is plenty of people. >> geraldo here is where i will disagree with you as well. don't think they would have convicted on manslaughter either. there were serious questions that were not answered and we were on the show, kimberly, myself and you. >> geraldo: and i hate arguing with kimberly. >> you have 45 minutes of it left. >> when came back and said it was a homicide. what was the cause of death? i don't know. i remember you and i saying how are they going to prove murder
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when they don't even know the cause of death. >> how many times have you had a homicide they don't have cause of death many times. >> who did it and when? >> geraldo: coming next, the exclusive inside scoop on what is next for casey anthony. the most unpopular woman in the country. what does that make me? the most unpopular anchorman in the country? i used to see the puddles, but now i see the splash. ♪ i wanted love, i needed love ♪ ♪ most of all, most of all... ♪
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in the murder of their grand daughter caylee marie. toxicthe strained tox relationships in that family it should be obvious that casey will probably never re-enter that house on hope spring drive again. where whether she be going? i spoke with the lead defense attorney who told me exclusively that "the defense team is going to take her some place safe. we plan on getting her mental health counseling and therapy. remember, she has lost her child, she has been in solitary confinement and for the last three years she has been facing the death penalty after all of the trauma she has been facing our goal is to get her well ". arthur? >> look, jose baez has conducted himself in my opinion perfectly since the moment of the acquittal. he took that stand and was gracious to the prosecutor, to the judge, to the sheriff's department, to everybody. he continues in my opinion to
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say the right thing over and over again. and what he said about mental health counseling and all that that is what he should be saying and doing. >> geraldo: keith sullivan, she should disappear. go to a nunnery or go to church or something. >> she has to. the jury got the verdict spot on. it is is the proper, lawful and just verdict. >> oh, please. >> geraldo: you talk to k kim. >> emotionally and ethically people take issue with it and for that reason and that reason alone she has to disappear. >> you guys are crazy seriouslily. you are getting caught up in the whole csi tech effect, too. honestly the three of you right here unless there was literally a video camera that you were holding and saw the whole crime go down it doesn't sound like anything else would convince you or the jurors. >> if little caylee was recovered in four weeks my guess is there would have been a ton of evidence. >> that is the problem. the jurors have three questions
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they said were never answered. when did it happen? where did it happen? and how did it happen? duct tape over the face is not -- it is not like there is a bullet hole in the head or stab wound in the aor that. >> there is skeletal remains left. how will you find dna. use common sense. who duct tapes a child's mouth? >> i thought they were going to convict on that. >> geraldo: i need a gavel. i ask people to pond they are duct tape has never been used to suffocate a child in the history of this country. you know what is always used. a pillow. chloroform has never been used to render a child unconscious. why not wait until they are asleep. they sleep 12 hours a day. put a pillow over their face, there is no evidence of anything. >> why not call 911 if it is an accident and a drowning? and 00% of the time when a child drowns they call 911. >> i'm just at thing you why --
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in this particular case based upon everything that you have seen, the photographs, the skeleton itself, do you have an opinion as to the manner of death in this case? >> yes. >> what is that opinion? >> homicide. >> you also indicated on direct examination that the failure of dr. garavaglio to open the skull was a violation of protocol. >> correct. to not open the head i think is a failure. a failure of the autopsy and i will tell you in everything that if an autopsy was done in
10:24 pm
a corresponding to what i think every forensic pathologist will tell you where the head is not opened that tells me about a shoddy autopsy. >> geraldo: that is the defense witness dr. warner spitz who joins us from detroit. the long time metro detroit medical examiner. thank you. you testified as an expert for the defense. i welcome you on the program. did you really believe that their forensics were in jose baez now memorable term fantasy forensics? style magazine nono, i don't bs fantasy forensics. i believe there were difficult ys but the difficulties have to be overcome and no stone has to be left unturned. the skull was not opened and that cannot be changed. >> , that was changed much later when i opened the skull and came to certain observations which the original
10:25 pm
pathologist failed to document. >> geraldo: and by opening the skull, can you share in a brief sense your conclusion as to cause of death? >> well, i can tell you that there was part o positive findd negative findings. the positive findings were that there was a sediment from the decomposing brain in a certain smallish area at the left side of the back of the head from the -- at the inside where by gravity, brain fell to that location. so i know. >> geraldo: that conclusion being what? what is the the implication of that? >> the conclusion being that for a lengthy period of time the head remained in the same position post mortem, after death. also, documented what the fact that there was absolutely no evidence of injury despite the
10:26 pm
fact that there was a fracture at the base but u that was after death. >> geraldo: and was the state correct then that the body was dumped there shortly after death and had been left there for those six months? >> y, i think that that probably was, correct. >> so your testimony would help the prosecution then? >> well, i don't give my testimony whether it favors this one or that one. >> geraldo: do you agree with the verdict? >> i agree with the verdict cannot determine -- >> geraldo: be right back. a ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪
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from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. a developing story from japan. the site of a powerful earthquake measuring a magnitude of at least 7.0. seismologists put the epicenter in the pacific off the northeast coast of japan's main island. prompted a tsunami warning and evacuations. damagesno reports of dadges and injuries. the disasters last march triggered a nuclear power plant crisis. house speaker john boehner informed president obama that he wants to pursue a smaller $2 trillion debt reduction deal. the white house has been seeking a larger deal. the speaker says the obama administration wants tax increases and a deficit reduction agreement of as much
10:31 pm
as $4 trillion over ten years. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large". >> and how would you describe to the ladies and gentlemen of the way caylee loved her mother? >> it was amazing. it -- casey and caylee had a very special bond. >> you saw how much caylee loved casey, yes? you would see her hug casey on occasions? >> yes. >> kiss her? >> yes. she would have a book. she would have her teddy bear. we would go down to the pool, teaching her how to swim.
10:32 pm
talk about caylee. >> not guilty. not guilt. not guilty. what did you think? how did you feel? >> i felt a great sense of relief. i felt that i was ecstatic for my client. really the happiest moment came after the first not guilty because i knew that i had saved her life. >> the whole kit and kaboodle is a travesty of justice. the jurors, they decided to dance on caylee's grave and now they are taking blood money from interviews, that is what i call it. >> justice for caylee! justice for caylee! >> geraldo: justice for caylee. you know, i want to go back to the emotional response to this. everybody. i hate to keep bringing it back to me but everybody from kimberly to my wife ircarries mad at me for saying the jury's
10:33 pm
verdict can be justified based on the state's failure to prove its case beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. the reason they are mad or in bill o'reilly's unique phrasing "come on, geraldo"ing is that if casey didn't kill caylee she the mother knows exactly who did and covered it up for the 31 days. i want to go back to dr. spitz who testified for the the defense this this case. the long time metro detroit medical examiner. one of the world's reknowned experts. you were saying, doctor, and we ran out of time that the skull showed that the skull had been in one place and the brain had accumulated one part but as i understand it, that skull was found in a different position than where the sentiment -- the sediment indicated it should have been. isn't that right more or less >> that's correct. that's correct. >> geraldo: is that why you said just before the commercial break that the jury reached the only conclusion that you
10:34 pm
thought they could based on the evidence. >> no, that is not why. the opening -- the not opening of the skull showed me in a case like this what else was there to look for in a skeletonized body if not the head. sometimes the injuries occur inside the skull that are not visible on the outside that remains unknown. the question arises if the skull wasn't opened, what other mistakes were made in this examination? what other things were overlooked. you know, at the end of the day, it was my opinion from the very get-go of my involvement this case as it turns out was really not won by anybody and there was not one side that won and the prosecution here is the
10:35 pm
one that lost the case. the defense did not win it. >> geraldo: i got you, dr. spitz. i want to go to craig who has more on the continuing fallout and there is going to be reaction to it case for years to come, ladies and gentlemen. get used to it. >> the city of orlando was prepared for the worst. riot squads. s.w.a.t. teams all in anticipation of casey anthony walking free on thursday. but that didn't happen which may be a good thing giving cooler heads a chance to prevail. the hangover following the most anticipated murder trial since simpson lasted through sentencing. >> what do i do when you have an atmosphere when you have people who want to fillet people. >> facing the death penalty, she got a slap on the wrist. >> she is a baby killer. she killed that baby and threw
10:36 pm
her away like she was trash. she is a murderer and deserves the death penalty. she can walk out of this courthouse steps right now and say i did it and we couldn't do nothing about it. >> what do you think of casey anthony? >> i think casey should rot in jail. >> what do you think of her defense? >> they should go with her. they should be in the next cell with her. >> thinking casey was about to be released thursday, hundreds gathered outside the orange county courthouse. >> you have a picture of casey anthony with tape over her mouth. what is the meaning of this? >> that is where it should be right over her mouth. she put it over her daughter and now it needs to be over her own. >> do you believe she killed her daughter with duct tape? >> i do. >> the blood stain is on the jurors hands and theyville to live with it the rest of their lives. >> fearing reprisals, orlando cops were out in force. >> this will be the last time that you are told.
10:37 pm
next time you will go to jail for trespassing. >> not all joined the lynch mob. this guy proprosed marriage. >> everyone deserves a second chance and why not give her the opportunity to mary and start a new family and get away from her dysfunctional family that she does have now. >> less extreme. others support the jury verdict. >> i agree, geraldo, i looked at the case and looked at all of the evidence. there was too many holes in the evidence and the jury made a right decision. the american jurisprudence process worked. they put their emotion aside and at the end of the day casey and caylee got justice. >> a lot of people are outraged over the decision to find casey anthony not guilty. what do you think? >> i believe she was not guilty. i believe there was no evidence where it happened. you don't know when it happened. there is no dna. all of the real physical evidence i don't believe there was any.
10:38 pm
and i believe all of this is just emotion. >> judge alex ferrer, a frequent fox commentator watched the frustration build. >> what about vigilanttyism, are you terned abou concerned ? does that cross your mind? >> is crosses my mind when you have the frustration in the community. i hope nothing happens like that because it taints our american system of justice. it is still the best system in the world but we don' don't haa system of torches and pitchforks saying it didn't work out the way we thought it should, let's go get her. >> large barricades were put out in front of the jail to keep the public away. now, inmates will be putting the barricades away for at least another week. >> shocked by the harsh reaction to the verdict this school teacher hails from salem, massachusetts. home to the 17th century
10:39 pm
witch hunts. >> what about the fact that she walked free and many people feel she did commit the crime yet it wasn't proven by the state? >> you go back to the salem witch trials and compare that? did they have freedom or lawyers or dna evidence. we have to put our emotions aside. there are two separate things. >> casey's release date is july 17. next week, police who accuse her of murder will be out in force to ensure her safety. and she still faces numerous legal hurdles. the state of florida filed suit to recover court costs and restitution for the huge cost of their wild goose chases and also sued by the real zenaida gonzalez. >> geraldo: so your wife, how does she feel? >> how does she feel about the verdict? >> i think she feels that it is a proper verdict, that the -- >> geraldo: really?
10:40 pm
>> that the prosecutors never proved their case. >> geraldo: richard grai gabri, thanks for being with us. is this a dumb jury? >> of course, not. if you listen to the jurors interviewed here, they are actually quite smart. the fact is when an unpopular verdict like this happens there is always a cry as we saw in simpson to say the jury was too dumb to understand the evidence when in fact they were very careful and cautious. >> geraldo: simpson was different. simpson they had dna. they had bloody footprints in the blood pool and blood prints going to simpson's house. they had the gloves there. and that was the worst mistake they made was having him try them on in court. they had shrunken with the blood all over them. in this case, though, it seems -- i didn't mean to
10:41 pm
interrupt you, just that i lived the simpson verdict. >> i worked on the simpson case, too. the fact is that jurors have their own process. they put together the case in their own way and that is why we don't have a ticket agential coliseum where people turn down their thumbs at a verdict. it is not "american idol" where you vote who you feel by popularity. it is a black box where 12 jurors selected by both the defense and the prosecution trust these people to view the evidence in their own way and make their individual judgment on the case. this group was careful. they were cautious. people criticize how quick they were. but when they took their first vote 10 out of the 12 still saw that there wasn't enough evidence there. they also had six weeks to seven weeks of testimony, of parsing through stuff. and so i really take exception. i really hope people can disagree with this jury all they want, but please respect that they sacrificed their
10:42 pm
lives. >> geraldo: they really did. >> and sacrificed time with their families to come to this thing with a seriousness to put aside their emotions and decide it on the evidence. >> geraldo: and isolated from all of the the talking heads on all of the news program. >> geraldo: aside from giving the jury more crimes like simple manslaughter to convict casey of, did the prosecution also make a mistake by trying to prove the chloroform duct tape use as a means of death a way that those items have never been used before to my knowledge anyway. we'll be right back, with that issue. tting grime from deep inside grout takes the right tools,
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>> geraldo: now, we're back live, hi, everybody. continuing our discussion with our fine legal panel, former guilfoyle kimberly gill fielz and arthur aidala. there is such raw emotion. >> there is. >> geraldo: particularly among any woman who has ever born a child about this. and it comes down to the 31 days, the things that happened. >> it real i does. what mother ca could do that aa good mother wouldn't do that. >> geraldo: how do you convert are that into evidence? >> it is about the csi effect. it is the rage over how she behaved. the hideously inappropriate way she behaved. >> it goes beyond the rage.
10:47 pm
intuitively what mother, good mother, any mother would sit there 3 days and lie and blame someone else an innocent woman and go out and party and get the tattoos and what good mother would dispose of a body that is supposed to be an accidental drowning in a garbage bag and throw them in the field. okay so you are saying george anthony is a retired homicide detective did it who supposedly. >> geraldo: maybe the baby's daddy. >> who supposedly died in a car accident. why do you sit there for three years in jail in solitary confinement and wait and wait and finally when the trial comes you say oh, sorry, it was an accident diswrrks that makes absolutely no sense. i don't buy the coincidence. she comes up with the story but there is another inmate in the same prison system that she is in that has a child that drown
10:48 pm
that was discovered by the grandfour. >> geraldo: bogus. bogus. >> you don't have to have a cause of death. >> there were a lot of mistakes here by the prosecution. to begin with, overcharging the case. charging intentional first-degree murder. jurors have a visceral jump back reaction to that charge. >> we agree. >> you are asking 12 lay people to take someone else's life and you can't tell them how that person died, when it happened or where 2 happened. we should be offended and outraged at the prosecution for going forward on that basis. if you don't accept that charge find that she did something that was negligent. we don't know what and can't show you proof of that. contradictsvidence con stra that she was a bad mother. find her guilty of man slawt. for six weeks everybody talked about what a schmuck jose baez was. now, everybody is like the mistakes the prosecution made. talk about hindsight being 20/20.
10:49 pm
baez said in his closing argument, ladies and gentlemen, the prosecution spent the first week of this trial showing you -- okay, the first two weeks of this trial showing you how badly casey behaved when her daughter was gone and then to enrage you so that when you looked at the little evidence you have you would look at it through the glasses to want to find her guilty and that is exactly what kim is saying shelters should have done and. >> now, we are ought of time but i will deal with you late. >> geraldo: final thoughts. and scratch a big one off my bucket list. watch this. >> incredible. that was awesome. >> very good. and i want to tell you my grand mother. >> you want to go to space? >> sure, i do. >> and what do youngsters u the space shuttle launch you just saw? >> i think i just saw the greatest thing in my life.
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space. the final frontier. these are the voyages of the star ship enterprise. >> earth's darkest days. >> how are you feeling? >> good considering i have never been this scared in my entire life. >> will be man's finest hour. >> geraldo: i am less than two minutes away from realizing a childhood dream. i have always wanted to go into space. once i applied to be the journalist in space back in 1985. then the challenger disaster january of 1986 canceld that program. but here we are a minute and 40 seconds away. you know, i launched rockets when i was a high school student, ever since flash gordon and buck rogers. i always dreamed of this.
10:54 pm
never have i seen a shuttle launch. this is the 135th launch and can you imagine the final launch is also my first. so, not only is it a matter of crossing it off the bucket list, us a the realization of a dream come view. astronaut andy allen and his family. a bitter sweet moment. >> it has been a privilege and oner to be able to be part of the program and sad to let all these great people go. >> geraldo: and where will they go? >> a good question. the people themselves interest to take care of themselves and their families. as a culture i don't think that i have seen anywhere at every place that you have 100% total passion and commitment to a program than you have with this work force. >> do you fear, mike, that with all of the budget constraints and all of the consciousness about the deficit and all the arguing about what we spend our tax dollars on that we will never have another major program going into space? >> i have spent 18 years in my
10:55 pm
life supporting the space shuttle program as well as the international space station. part of me believes that the space shuttle will continue to live on in the form of the international space station, the hub bell space telecope and other programs it worked on so hard over the years. >> a bitter sweet moment. >> the end of an era and what an amazing ride it has been. without those astr astronauts e have never be able to do the kind of work that we have been able to do. 30 seconds away. so exciting. oh, my god, they have. >> all three engines up and burning. >> two, one, zero. the final lift-off of atlantis. >> a man made sun soaring into the florida sky. i never thought i would see this. so happy. there she goes. go atlantis. go, atlantis. go, go, go! soaring. soaring. the sound reaching us now from three miles away.
10:56 pm
there she goes. peeling into the atmosphere. go, baby, go! the final shuttle flight. oh, my god, look at it go! come on, baby. cop on. into the clouds. go, atlantis, go! >> geraldo: there she goes. look at the smoke trail. oh, god. so happy i was here. so happy i was here to see that. disappearing into the clouds. the clouds that threatened the launch from the get-go. it was pouring rain here yesterday. we saw the shuttlele up close and personally the night before her swan song but now to see her fly, see atlantis fly. there she goes. the end of an era, 30 years of the space shuttle taking astronauts from 16 different countries over three and a half million pounds of cargo spaceward. now, we want to go from low
10:57 pm
earthquake orbit to beyond. let's go to mars and where no man has ever gone before. let's go boldly. >> geraldo: i loved it. i loved it. >> really special. >> geraldo: you have been outnumbered tonight. i will give you the final word. >> also the jury i don't think thought that she was innocent because there were two people holding out. and 6-6 was one vote for aggravated ma manslaughter, geraldo. >> that is what juror number two said. nevertheless, they know and casey knows what happened to her daughter. she should have fought for justice for her daughter if somebody else did it. >> geraldo: greta has a bigwe captioned by closed captioning services, inc. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left !
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the fastest networin america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution.
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what's vanishing deducti all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? thnext year... th was weird.


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